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    Lassiter Ladies Lacrosse 2020-2021

    Welcome to Lassiter Ladies Lacrosse!  Try Outs will be completed on Friday, 1/22.  Rosters will then be posted online.  Please follow the link to then register your daughter on the appropriate team.  All girls must be registered with at least the initial payment made prior to the parent meeting on Saturday.  If you are going to be paying by check, rather than online, please be sure to bring your check on Saturday to the parent meeting.

    You will have the option to "opt out" of volunteer duties by paying a fee.  If you select that option, you will pay for that at the end of your registration.  If you are going to fulfill your duties, you will need to bring  a check to the parent meeting.  It will NOT be cashed as long as you fulfill your volunteer duties.  This check should be made out to LLLBC for $500.

    Also, please bring along another check for your uniform deposit.  The check will NOT be cashed as long as the uniform/jacket are returned.  This check should be made out to LLLBC for $200.

    Tickets for 2021 Lacrosse Season

    All tickets will be purchased via GoFan.  Please download the app to purchase.

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    Lassiter Ladies Lacrosse

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    Jill Ferguson

    Jill Ferguson


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